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Louisiana :

Louisiana pictures

Additional pictures to the "Louisiana" pages (1993-1997)

My Godson in Oak Alley, 1996

Blues players
in the Vieux Carré,
New Orleans.

The Flamingo isn't really a steamboat :
It's a floating casino !

Albinos alligator at the superb zoo of New Orleans

(can't tell you more !)
in Oak Alley.

My accomplice's husband...
But also my Godfather !
Oak Alley, 1995.

Magical Christmas in New Orleans


You probably have to be born American
to welcome that well...

For Christmas, many americans lighten
their houses : it's fairyland every night !

What can I say ?

It's party time...
Mardi Gras in New Orleans : inimitable !

Chaperons watch their pupils
and push away the public : attention, 
they're not always funny, that's not part of their job !

Actually you better be careful with the floats too...
Unfortunately there are accidents every year.


The  Tulane Naval Academy Band
doesn't care about all that :
for them it's just fun time and you can feel that :
it's one of the best !
Swing, man, swing !

OK, it's over now, let's go home !
(aboard the Natchez, 1995)

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