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Other trips - tourism ;-)

Besides those for the countries I lived in, I created a few pages about countries I visited.

It's important to make the difference between the two :
I didn't see the following countries like the ones I worked and lived in :-)

At this time you'll find in this chapter :


I stopped a few weeks there in 1991 en route to Belgium after I left Zaire (RD Congo) and had a good time in the game parks and on the beaches.

"Kenya" Page


I animated a workshop for bilingual teachers in Laos in 1999
and spent there a couple of days again in 2002.

"Laos" page


I went there as a "tourist", invited by a friend and colleague, in 2002.

Phnom Penh - Angkor and the temples - Siem Reap and the country side

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