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Useful links and "various tips" ("tuyaux") for Webmasters and surfers...

For my site :

Pages & architecture :

Dreamweaver 4, excellent professionnal tool.

Before, I had used FrontPage, and I don't miss it ;-)

Photos & design :

Paint Shop Pro, really, really good !  Recommended !

File transfer :

I loved LeechFTP but it's not developped anymore, so I'm trying to get used to Smart FTP.

Hosting :

Infomaniak, my actual host, not much expensive, professionnal, extra. Based in Switzerland.

OVH and Hébergement Discount (France) were two of my previous hosts, not expensive, pretty much reliable.

Counter :

Sitemeter, free, reliable and fast. No adds. Seems to send some tracking cookies, though.

Visitors stats  :

Xiti (French) : free, no adds, basic stats with intersting analysis.

To get what it doesn't provide, I help a friend to develop a PHP script which gives us full clickable URL of the referers, the page/page track of the best visitors, the list of orphan pages (...) in addition to the history, the counter... We'll offer it to the public when it'll be developped enough.

Guestbook :

Hurray for independance again, with this free PHP Guestbook : @lex Guestbook. Really good ! I help @lex a bit on his forum and to design new skins.

Navigation menus :

WebReference : site of the developpers of the menu I use on this site, which is really good, but...since March 2002, you have to pay for it :-(

Forum :

An execellent and customizable forum script : PhP BB, free and regularly updated by a large users community.

Site search engine :

I tried a couple of the free services and Atomz is the one I chose for its efficiency and discretion. Recently they added "sponsored links" on the results page, but they wrote well in advance to let us know and it's actually well done, not much invasive.

To be in the search engines :

Brioude : very good free service, in French. Recently added the requirement of posting their logo on your pages.

Pictures, icons...

One reference among many : CoolGraph.

To surf the Web...

Navigation :

I loved Netscape but switched to Internet Explorer, first by laziness, then because Netscape would give more and more trouble. In 2005, I switched to Mozilla Firefox but then came back to Internet Explorer.

Email :

Same laziness...  Outlook. Then I also changed for Mozilla Thunderbird for the same reasons, then came back to Outlook for compatibility.

Antivirus :

For about ten years I used Norton Antivirus, which I carefully kept up to date. But I didn't like the oversized new version nor, most of all, the attitude of their online staff. So I bought Kaspersky Antivirus online and I wasn't disapointed except for its tendancy to slow down the PC. For two years now I'm using TrendMicro PC-Cillin (antivirus and firewall).

Cleaning spywares :

To remove "spywares" (who spy on your habits) installed without your knowledge by other programs : Ad-Aware (free), to update regularly.

Cleaning the history logs on the computer :

"On January 15th 1998 at 08:14pm, you visited www.XXX.com. I know it."  How ?  If I have access to your computer, even if you deleted the history and cache of your navigator, Windows has recorded everything in an "index.dat" file, which by the way keeps growing, and growing ; and the same for the cookies. The catch ? You can't (easily, that is) delete these files, Windows won't let you ! Unless you have a great knowledge, or a specific program for this. No need to be paranoïd, but...

To stay informed (viruses, hoaxs...)

Secuser : (in French) THE security portal, with a useful mailing list if you opt in. Also has a free online antivirus.

Translation :

Voilà Traductions : free translation of Web pages and small texts.

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