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History of this site

Until December 2000, told you about the various versions of this site,
the different servers and hosts, the numerous URLs I had to adopt...

What a story...  But a little boring, probably.

Let's see it this way : how did this site evolve from its beginning ?

NB : the number of pages includes both French and English pages. 

June 1997

February 1999

Beginning of my Webmaster's adventures...

Site made (with numerous curses) on MS Publisher.

Hosted by Geocities.

11 pages - 0.7 Mb

No Internet connection between October 1997 and May 1998, so there was no possible update.  Big update in the beginning of 1999 with MS FrontPage.

Hosted by Geocities.

37 pages - 6 Mb

June 1999

December 1999

New architecture with a frames system.  Picture size reduction, download time optimized.

Geocities being unreachable from VN, moving to Citeweb.

44 pages - 4.5 Mb

New colors, new pages, revision, corrections, ameliorations...

Hosted by Citeweb.

52 pages - 10 Mb

February 2000

June 2000

Complete rebirth of the site on the "Tex Mex" theme, with a new menu system (a Java applet).

I buy my domain name :

Hosted by Citeweb.

61 pages - 17 Mb

The site gets finer, I add a few "gizmos" (in JavaScript, CGI...) and Coccynelle makes a banner and a button for me.

Hosted by Citeweb.

80 pages - 21 Mb

December 2000

January 2001

The golden age of the "Tex Mex" theme...  End of the frames and adoption of a new JavaScript menu system.

Between August and October, I had to move the site several times : Citeweb, Crosswinds, Cybercities, Freeflight...  Finally, I decide to buy some space on "Le Village" (240 FF -about 30USD- per year with FTP).

Many new pages, thanks to the hundreds of pictures I scanned during the summer in Belgium.

162 pages - 36 Mb

It's when i switched on my new monitor and connected to my site that, resisting to an upcoming heart attack when seeing the true colors of "Tex Mex", I decide to start the update to the new "Millennium Bamboo 2001" version of "Chez Pierre".

Hosted by Le Village.

164 pages - 35 Mb

June 2001

December 2001

OK, bamboo is nice, but I should have found more nice quality gifs to use this theme.

So the appearance was a bit improved, it's not yet really what I want, but...

I'm glad, however, about the evoultion of the architecture of the site, and moreover of the content : 50 new pages (and 50 Mb, glops !) in 6 months !

212 pages - 600 photos- 86 Mb

Better, it's better. New interface and new menus, new look...

"Webmatin" is out (outrageous mockery towards the USA on Sept. 11th).

Il also moved the site on another server, with the Domain Name. That was smart : 3 months later the previous server crashed for 6 weeks.

230 pages - 630 photos- 90 Mb

June 2002

January 2003


More improvements, in the content and in the background. I rescanned many pictures and updated many pages, several months of work.

Another external service messes up, Hit Parade loses my Guestbook ! I install a new one in PHP.

I also removed my Email adresses from the site to limit spamming.

Frequentation is up to 150 visitors/day.

225 pages - 675 photos- 116 Mb

Blue, I want it blue !

Many technical improvements, including PHP for the whole site, a new host, forums...

The number of visitors/day went up to 300, then 500, to reach 800 in January 2004... My host didn't appreciate ;-)

200 pages - 800 photos - 160 Mb

Page créée le 10 février 2000 -  Mise à jour le 10 avril 2004

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