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Vietnam :

Discovering Vietnam, part 2

These three pages are about a tourist trip I made around Vietnam
with my mother and two friends in December 1998 and January 1999,
while I was already living there.


We don't have a lot of pictures of Saigon : we find there's not much to see there...

But you can still see me in great discussion with Cuong, whom I was quite surprised and disappointed to find here again...a few months after I paid his train ticket to go back to his family in the North.

Saigon is interesting though, especially for a few monuments, for the atmosphere and for shopping...

Let's move on...

Can Tho, 

Can Tho, my country, is waiting for us.  Mom and her friends want to see where I live and work.  The speedboat being back in service, we get to Can Tho in 4 hours.

The next day, boat trip on the arroyos of course, with the traditional stop in the fruit garden around a good table.

Going around in the rice fields, after lunch...

And in Can Tho's market after going back to town.

The street children shelter

Interests the Daltons a lot, but that's not surprising : it's a wonderful place.  Yen (right on the picture) takes daily care  of about 92 kids, of which about 50 stay there permanently.  Among them, about 20 orphans.

A roof (and a bed !), meals, education (basic and professional), counseling : Yen and her staff are there !

We (the Daltons) set up a budget, out of which I regularly take the money Yen asks for (mostly for medications).

The Daltons at school

For the great pleasure of the teachers (two with us on the picture), the principal, but mostly of the kids !

Those were a lot shyer than usual though, having 4 French-speaking guests in the classrooms being quite rare !

And voilà...

The Daltons split up again, Averell staying in Can Tho (all holidays come to an end...).  After the others left in a minibus to Saigon, I went back to work...

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