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Vietnam :

Pictures in the classes 2

Can Tho 1997-1999

In some classes, every child has a French-speaking first name besides his (her) Vietnamese first name.

Madam Diep does not practise the masterful education: she sits rarely at her desk, it is often the pupils who use it for role-playing!

Do not speak to me !
Speak to your friend, over there!

In Mrs Trang's class, the pupils are bit dirty...
When they made a mistake in the game "La vache qui tache" !

Everything should come from the pupils, even the date ;-)

Slates, a fabulous tool in FLE or FLS classes : all pupils participate at the same time.
Even the second grade pupils find
"That in summer it is warm" : that reassures me !

Little gift of the AUF by Hervé Fayet (Project manager in the South) : nice French-speaking T-shirts!

In Mr. Thao's class also, there's action !

A French-speaking class, even on the walls
(Chau Van Liem High school, 8th grade)

Inauguration of the French-speaking room
at Le Quy Don middle school in Vinh Long.
The AUF contributed to the expense of renovation besides offering a photocopier, television, video recorder, tape recorder, books and a computer.
The school also contributed well !

Three students in Ao Dai in Vinh Long

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