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Pictures in the classes 4

Ha Long (Along Bay) - 2000-2001

Hoa wrote a very long story at home yesterday evening...
He probably didn't expect to have to copy it on the board to share it with his friends today ;)
(Grade 6, cursus A)

No, it's not "childish" to use these !
The proof :
In 5th grade we use them all the time
and it awakens the class !

Which group will find most hidden words ?
(Grade 7, cursus B)

Why reserve the blackboard to the teachers ?
Students can write in French too !
(6th grade, cursus A)

The French Community of Belgium seen by Duy
(7th grade, cursus A)

What's the common point between "souris" and "stylo" ?
These are two words containing the sound [s]
(4th grade)

For their performance during the 2001 French-Speaking World celebration, all students of the 6e2 received polos from the APEFE / Communauté Française de Belgique and from the AUF

The students have made a comics' on the last tale of the method and tell the story...
And you better listen, since right after that all students ask each other questions about it !
(3rd grade)

Each student has imagined a trip, on a planet of which he wrote down the name on his slate.
Phuong went on the Cats' Planet, since she has mice at home.  When on this planet, she saw cats eating mice through their ears !
That's practical : they can eat two mice at the same time !
(4th grade, Madame Hop)

Hai Phong - 1

Photo taken in February in front of Tran Phu High School, by a beautiful High Scholar.
Too bad she's not on the photo ;)

In 4th grade, they also learn to make puppets (the instructions are in French, it's not easy !)

They, they play of course !
(4th grade)

It's the International French Speaking Day in Hai Phong, and the primary school has many spectators !
(4th grade)

March 20th at Vo Thi Sau Middle School,
Scenes in traditional Vietnamese costumes.

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