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Vietnam :

French Festival 2001

Not much prepared but well realized,

The International French Speaking World Day was celebrated by two schools in Ha Long, fully organized by its teachers.

The Bach Dang primary school

Presented 10 scenes in front of a numerous public and the television.

Songs, scenes : it was a complete show.

"Vive les voyelles, A-E-I-O-U..."
("Hurray for vowels...")

A scene inspired by a Lebanese tale,
"La promenade des animaux"
(4th grade)

Christmas in March ?

"Vive le vent, vive le vent..."

The best of the show as for me,
despite the risk of fire :
each student holds two candles,
and they are tightly close !

OK, the school didn't burn down.
Santa Claus neither.

To finish,

The 5th B have rhythm to share !

Let's go :

Kim Dong middle school

improvisation was the rule here too.
The dozen of scenes presented
was never the less impressive !

7e2 grade
"Qui sème le vent récolte la tempête" !
("Who plants the wind harvests the storm", French proverb)

The 7e1 counter-attack
with a well animated song...

But it's the 6e2 who got the prize for their audacity
with a song to begin,
and then this fashion show
a little...spécial !
Wouldn't they deserve a passage on TV ?

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