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Vietnam :

French Festival 2002

Well prepared this year,

The international day of the Francophonie was celebrated by the two bilingual establishments of Ha Long, whose teachers organized everything.

The Tran Hung Dao primary school

presented ten good plays in French, introduced by two pupils, in Vietnamese and French.

Our 5th grade pupils did not miss the occasion to recall us that Along Bay is full of ships ;-)

So much Vietnamese sorcerers and wizards...
One of the best plays (3rd grade)

Here's the proof !

Monsieur Pierre often says he hates karaoke, but does he really look unhappy on this picture ?

Gifts, photos...

For everyone...

Even for the bilingual teachers whom it was time to publicly reward !

"Ce n'est qu'un au revoir..."
Bilingual version, in French and Vietnamese!

At Hon Gai middle/high school,

the atmosphere was more official and less the work of the pupils ; still, those could express themselves !

The 6th graders of one class came back with the same "Vive le vent" as last year.

Those of 6a2 prepared (and slightly adapted another traditional French song, "On the bridge of A... long" even if it is not built yet ;-)

Save the Earth !

Our 7th graders showed us again that one can make a great show with almost nothing.
They would have won the first prize again, if "one" had not tried to double each one of their words in Vietnamese (which made comprehension very difficult in the two languages) and if the 10th graders had not been there a bit later...

Because the 10th graders made it almost impossible for the others to win, with their extremely great show "Poupée de cire, poupée de son" (another popular Frenc song, here alternatively in French and Vietnamese).

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