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Vietnam :

Photos in the classes 3

Hanoi - 1999-2000

2nd grade in Trung Vuong :
One student names a face part, the one at the board checks it on. (little end of lesson team game).

To learn decoration and handcrafts vocabulary ...
Let's do some with Miss Lan !
(Ecole Van Yen, 5ème B)


Third grade in Trung Vuong...  Who will wake up this lazy Sun ?

Grandma gives hygienic advices...
(Ecole Van Yen, 4ème B)

Spirou & Fantasio in Vietnamese !
Huy, 4th grader in Nguyen Tri Phuong, is happy to have won one of these at the French-speaking World celebration !

It's thanks to the CGRI (Belgium) that we now can find Spirou, but also the adventures of Tintin and numerous other heroes translated in Vietnamese.

That's not all : they are printed locally, and the price adapted to the country : less than 1 dollar per book (to be compared with more than 10 dollars in Europe) !
(Van Yen school students)

One of our best 4th grade class : Nguyen Tri Phuong school.

Sometimes we play ourselves...
(Ecole Trung Vuong, 3ème P)

But sometimes we also use puppets...
(Ecole Nguyen Tri Phuong, 4ème F)

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